Proprioception is the body’s ability to sense where we are in relationship to our surroundings. It is in fact one of our senses. It is said that we actually have 7 senses, not just five!

SPD Australia ( explains: proprioception, “also often referred to as the sixth sense, was developed by the nervous system as a means to keep track of and control the different parts of the body. An example that enables one to best understand this sensory system is one showing what happens if this sensory system is no longer there. A normal person is able to move a finger, knowing where and what the finger is doing, with little effort. The normal person could just volunteer the finger to move back and forth and proprioception would make this an easy task. Without proprioception, the brain cannot feel what the finger is doing, and the process must be carried out in more conscious and calculated steps. The person must use vision to compensate for the lost feedback on the progress of the finger.”

Dayna from Lemon Live Adventures, explains “Think twister, simon says, or even hop-scotch. All of these classic games require us to use our body’s sense of awareness to interpret the world around us. Pushing, pulling, stomping, squeezing, jumping, bending. All of these things have one thing in common… knowing one’s body position.” Check out this great article on proprioception:

Often children need some proprioceptive input to help them wake up their brains for concentraing or learning. Crawling on the floor, bear hugs, bashing and crashing into things, animal walks, and pushing or carrying heavy things are great practical examples of ways to activate this sense!