The Empower team has been busy! We attended two conferences in the past two
This past weekend we were at Professional Minds conference in Johannesburg, where
almost 300 pediatric professionals were in attendance.

The topic in discussion was the Teen and Tween brain. Speakers included:
– Dr Kathie Nunely, a brain researcher, teacher and educational psychologist from
Boston, USA.
– Dr Wendy Duncan, a psychiatrist from Johannesburg.
– Pam Tudin. A psychologist from Johannesburg.

They mentioned that previously some professionals thought that the foundational
years are the most important years for early development, however, research
shows navigating the difficulties of adolescence prove to be equally important for
the developing skills of adulthood.

Aside from the informative speakers, the conference had so many wonderful
stands and exhibitors. Tony from Nak’d bars, Mentstat, IsoForge to name a few,
all had wonderful stands. We saw about a hundred parents at the parent evening
where we received some great feedback.

One of the featured speakers, Pam Tudin, has also written a book called
“Fortnite and other F words.” In this book, she touches on developing a Social
media contract with children in order to monitor their online presence. She delves
into everything from sexting, Instagram and engaging with strangers online.