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Why should parents and professionals use this site?

Making connections between parents and therapists to support children's development.


We put you on the map. It’s often difficult for parents to find you as a professional. We assist professionals by putting you on the map both figuratively and literally, in order to build up practices and services, while meeting the needs of parents.

With Empower, parents will be able to locate you by area and service, maximising your reach, and our offer of top professionals to the paediatric community. We look forward to you joining our growing network.

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At Empower, we believe that every child is a gift and every parent a hero… but even superheroes have sidekicks! Parenting is a tough job, and we want to be your sidekicks.

It is our mission to empower every parent with the knowledge, and access to professionals, to best support every child.

Membership to our site is free for parents, so come in and join our community.

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